March 25, 2016

sussex business finance

Welcome to Sussex Business Finance

A warm welcome to Sussex Business Finance.

We are a commercial finance specialist based at Gatwick and working with businesses across London and the South. Our focus is purely commercial, our clients are typically;

  • Trading businesses
  • Property developers and landlords wanting to expand or develop
  • Companies looking to purchase commercial property
  • Businesses with a story to tell or who have found obtaining borrowing difficult
  • Time pressure lending, where finance is required quicker than can be delivered traditionally
  • Companies looking to mitigate their risk, either through reducing guarantees or avoiding giving personal security

There really is no normal or standard client, but I guess you already knew that.

How We Work

There are some key things that differentiate us from many other commercial finance brokers. To give you a taste of how we do things differently then;

  • We are completely independent, we are not limited by a set panel of lenders or required to place volumes with certain lenders, everything we do is genuinely bespoke and tailored to you
  • We don’t charge upfront, appraisal or assessment fees. We also don’t charge by the hour. We only charge on success, meaning we will spend as much time with you as is needed and only ever cost when you have an offer of finance that works
  • Commercial finance is generally an unregulated sector. We are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, this means what we do, how we work and our ability is tested and approved. It also means you can have confidence in us and what we do
  • We work with over 200 lenders ranging from high street names to bespoke lenders and niche finance houses. We will have more options to finance your business than you could find independently

Our starting point is always to talk. We don’t charge for running through your options and if we cannot help we will always try and find someone who can.

Feel free to get in touch and find out how we could help.